It was time for a different kind of advertising, one that is run by professional locals to create insightful ads.

The idea was simple; revolutionize the way ads are made so we communicate with consumers in ways they have never experienced before. The idea manifested itself into 3points, a full fledged advertising agency founded to create revolutionary ads built on local insights.
You know you are a leader, when you have followers

Until 1998, Saudis followed the world in advertising. But then 3Points began to lead advertising in the region into a new territory. We brought culture, ethics, and innovation to an industry that was dominated by people who neglected the rich and traditional heritage of our region. It started with a spark of passion; an obsession to build brands and build our clients businesses. And so we started it, a revolution, a saudi ad agency that dared to compete with the multinationals. Our start shaped the map of advertising in the region and an advertising history was made. You know you are a leader when others follow. Today, many young men and women are following the road that 3Points walked through in 1998. For us, it was the road less travelled!
Simple enough, but not simpler

Three words sum up our approach. Understanding, common-sense and simplicity.

We start by understanding your business, your product, the brand, the history and, most importantly, the target audience. It's the first step we take. We become part of your organization, your partner. We then use the collective common sense of everyone in our organization. For us, common sense is the most neglected element in many businesses and brands. Most people feel they only need loads of research, data, hiring suits, fancy words and charts to make a decision. We believe it takes more common sense on top of that to make good brand decisions! We use common sense plus understanding to deliver creative communication solutions for your brand. Finally, we believe in simplicity. The iPhone is powerful because it has one button. The simpler the communication solution, the stronger the message. Less is more! Our most powerful campaign has two words: Akim Salatak
Analog Values

In this digital world where a touch of a finger connects you to facebook, twitter and to every corner of the world, ethics become entangled in the worldwide web. However, when it comes to honoring our ethics, guarding our values or giving back to the community, 3Points is as traditional as analog!
We believe life is one big long test. You can have values and ethics, and be proud of them, but they are true values only if they are tested. We have been tested many times before and continue to be so every day. We believe that ethics require sacrifices; these we have made by refusing to participate in pitches for major accounts. We have even dismissed accounts because they interfered with our values and ethics. We can do this with an open heart and pride because we deeply believe that if we give up something, for a better world, we will be rewarded something far better.
The naturalization process that society undergoes with the influence of the media is a dangerous process that strips the society of its core values, softly killing what that Society stands for. The media is the epidemic of globalization and the new powerful weapon of mass influence. 3Points has very strict guidelines to ensure that our influence will not participate in this naturalization process. We respect the values and heritage of our society and will strongly guard against the soft killing of these values.
We love doing good. At 3Points we have created the most memorable Public Service Announcements (PSAs) in the region. Whether it's the prayer campaign (Akim Salatak), Love, Respect, or Anti Corruption, our PSAs have touched the hearts of people for more than 10 years. We have set the standards for using media for social reforms and we are proud of it. No other agency comes close to this achievement of defining an industry.
300 and sixty

We recognize the change shaping the communication world, whether it’s an iPhone, Facebook, twitter, or the new mobile consumer. We recognize that brand communication is beyond advertising alone. We are truly a marketing communication company, building your business and your brand.
An inside job

When you hire 3Points, you hire an advertising agency and a team of brand communication consultants, all eager to help build your brand. We work with you from the inside to help plan and execute the best communication solution for your brand and business.
Scent of a brand

Cloves, gurunfull in arabic, is an aromatic spice that's both pleasant and memorable, branded in our brain, because smell is the strongest sense. We believe that your brand should be as unique and memorable in consumers' minds.

We designed grownfull, our branding unit, to work its magic by providing you with professional branding solutions and create a memorable brand for you to grow to it's full potential, whether it's a well-grounded company like PetroRabigh or 35,000 feet above the ground like Nas Air.
Stick with it

You might have a bad hair day, feel not so young and laid back. This could be your life but certainly it's not your "digital" life on Facebook. You always look better and more fun online. We recognize this. In an ever expanding digital world, our sister company for mobile and digital marketing, gluetube, will help move your brand into the new digital world.
Reach out and touch someone

What's a powerful message without reach? In iCom, you will find a professional media team that will take your message and maximize your reach. Together we strive to give you the highest return on your money. A powerful message from 3Points and a smart media plan from iCom is a perfect match to get out and touch your consumers.
in'side 90 offices around the world

With in' network of more than 90 offices around the world, we bring you global expertise. You want to know how a certain brand is doing in China, we can share this learning with you to benefit your brand. You want to know how perfume use is in Brazil compared to Saudi, our network will bring you the facts. Whether you want to expand into new geographic areas or get learning from any of 90 offices around the world, we will give you the in'side information.
Winning it all...

It's a great feeling to be appreciated, and that someone is recognizing your creativity. So, yes, we won several local, regional and international awards,

• sword award, Jeddah"
• SFX award, Cape Town
• Das Gold Straddtor, Berlin
• Lorenzo International Award, Dubai
• Cannes Lions National Diploma, Cannes
• Adspot Award, Italy

But we believe that making one person a better person is the most prestigious award we can win. So, if someone out there started praying, stopped cheating, or became more productive in their work, we believe we won it all.
The 1999 revolution

3Points prides itself in shaping the advertising map in the Middle East. Our Public Services Announcements didn't only shape the way PSAs are made, but have defined the whole social media scene. If you want to use media for social reforms, you had to go back to the year 1999 to see how 3Points did it. Individuals and companies look up to 3Points for guidance and inspiration. Aqim Salatak paved the way for us to deliver many PSAs like love, respect, appreciation, anti corruption, anti smoking, anti drug and alcohol use; and now many follow our footsteps. History was made in 1999 and history will not repeat itself. 3Points will present many more breakthrough ideas in the future. For those who are following us, we promise to give you pioneering ideas that will keep you inspired!
What does Rabea tea, Dove, and Prayer have in common?

A professional team of young Saudi marketers including the two founders of 3Points, asked themselves: if we can promote tea, shampoo and many other products, can we promote prayer? Can we build a brand out of "Salah?" The question had significant consequences. The answer made history. Today, Aqim Salatak is a powerful brand that bonds and connects with millions of consumers around the world on so may levels. It's a powerfully emotional bond unseen in any other brand. The more–than–a–decade journey to build the Aqim Salatak brand is an unprecedented case study in the history of advertising. It took branding into a whole new territory. It was, and still is, a world class marketing phenomenon with so many learnings and findings that could be the basis of a text book in advertising that could be used in colleges around the world. People felt ownership of this brand. They have made t-shirts, car stickers, caps, and they even branded their homemade ma'amool (a local pastry). They are proud of Aqim Salatak; a brand that we have proudly exported to the worldwide audience to consume. When it comes to Aqim Salatak, we encourage as much consumption as anyone can take.
Lean on me

Are you a philanthropist? Do you want to make the world a better place? You can. 3Points has an extensive experience in shaping people's behavior. We have been doing it for many years. We have mastered consumer behavior research, especially amongst the youth. The 3Points for Ajur program will selectively work with philanthropists around the world on a pro bono basis to deliver powerful messages for good causes no matter where they may be. Let's change the world a message at time.


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